I have wanted to post pictures and tell a story for quite some time. Here is a wrap up.

2 months old!!

It was a big month. he learned to get his fingers, stand on his little legs with someone helping him, coo and goo much more, straighten out his legs, kick a lot, reach for objects. he grabs his shirt, daddy’s hair on his hands and beard. however, he cannot reach for a toy and grab it. he can hold onto a toy once he has it in his hands. he can stay up on his tummy with a boppy for at least 10-15 minutes now. he sorta hates it but he does it. he hates tummy time on his tummy on the ground without the boppy. he use to roll over to his back but now he just cries a lot and screams. he can get his hand in his mouth. he isn’t so good at keeping it there and it can often be a very sad thing to watch. he gets very upset when he can’t keep those fingers or hand in his mouth! poor guy.

this is the end of my maternity leave. i am so sad about it. i am very grateful though for the people who are going to take care of him over the next two months, one of which is his daddy! yay! starting at 3 months mommy will be a full time worker. gotta set a good example for the little guy. want to be able to pay for his college and buy him cute clothes. 🙂 and live in a nice house with a giant garden where he can pick his own food.

3 months old was great too!!

I am now standing in an excersaucer all propped up with blankets. It’s quite fun but I get really frustrated because I can grab things but i can’t get them directly in my mouth. It’s a major bummer. I have been loving spending time with all of my auntie’s who have volunteered to take the time to watch me while my mom and dad bring home the bacon. Grandma Jennifer came for a visit and that was super fun! My tummy time is increasing but I still hate being on my belly. I kick a lot and grab objects close by. I can say mamamamama…..but I don’t say it all of the time. I say a lot of vowels and make this silly static-y sound. I think it’s fun. I love my little frog noise maker. And I am starting to sleep up to 7 hours a night. We went to our local parade in St. Johns and I have been on walks and hung out with the family a lot. I also had some amazing pictures taken of me. 🙂 This month was also mother’s day and we got to go and spend the early afternoon with our friends for brunch. Mommy got to have a lovely blood orange mimosa. My friend Hyde and I just chilled out. We were talking comic books. Daddy bought me a new bunny hat and my first cap. I also got to hang out with auntie Amanda at the Mississippi carts. There is so much more but this is a little glimpse into my 3rd month of being in the world.


Where has time gone. I promise to update soon. So much has happened and we have a TON of pictures to share. 🙂

5 weeks old!

5 weeks old has proven to be quite the hoot. Poor guy had to go to the hospital and be monitored. They thought he had a urinary tract infection. It turned out he didn’t and that there must have just been irritation to the urethra that caused him to have white blood cells in his urine which lead them to think he had an infection. Thank goodness for all the precautions that were taken despite the fact that he didn’t have an infection. Infections are deadly to newborns and that is SCARY. We are/were so thankful for all of the help and care Thurston received. Other than that things have been very good. I am so thankful for what we have. This week was just me and Thurston. Daddy had to go back to work. We did a great job together. We are a good team. He is a great baby! He is cooing much more which has been so much fun. During the week we also visited daddy for lunch. This was a great week! Looking forward to many more great weeks. 🙂

4 weeks old!

We had a little photo shoot (see above). We went to Posie’s for a little coffee and met up with friends for the first time. That was fun. We also went on our first long walk to New Seasons. With today only being Wednesday, we have some time left for firsts this week.

Something else Thurston got to do this week was meet his Aunt Shelley.

For fun, I leave you with the Aggrolites-Dirty Reggae…

3 weeks has been great! It has been so fun getting to know Thurston and watching him grow. Something else he started doing is making an ‘ahhh’ sound. They are so adorable.

When we get some good sun…there is nothing better than taking photos of this cute little bean. He is so cute!

look at those leg warmers. i think every kiddo should own a pair of these. first pair. can’t wait ’til he actually fits into them. 🙂

And look at those tiny toes…nothing cuter.

Because soon enough, we will have to train him to poop in the potty….

Thurston rolled over from his tummy to his back for the first time on 2/9/2010 (3 weeks old) around noon. Wish I had a pic or video. Expect some footage soon!

First bath!

Thurston’s first bath was a success but it did NOT make him happy. He thought for sure we were up to no good. Poor guy!!

So not okay with warm water and soap! He does enjoy being naked but not so much on the full exposure to water. 😦

So much happier to be finished and wrapped up in his towel. He even found his thumb for a little self soothing action.